We embrace the importance and values of every partnership. Our knowledge and experience as a guide and mentor helps landowners realize their visions, remove their uncertainties, establish their goals, and secure solutions that will protect the integrity of their land.


Enhance your land values

Princeton Communities is highly experienced in the development of both residential and commercial real estate projects. We offer extensive experience in planning, engineering, developing, and marketing of communities. Our long established relationships with experienced, reputable contractors and strategic partners enable us to successfully complete the construction and development of each community or project we undertake.


What is the best use for your land?

Princeton Communities understands how important it is to evaluate each tract of land according to its own unique features and location. We address the unique questions that will need to be answered if a project is to be successful and welcomed into the community.

  • Are there any environmental areas that will need to be preserved?
  • What type of new community will the market support?
  • How should the community be positioned for a successful future?
  • What is the target market?

We realize that amenities and construction designs often differ greatly from one location to another, so we consistently take the extra time to research each targeted market. This market driven approach has proven to be a beneficial step when guiding a landowner’s overall ideas and concerns when trying to establish a design that will meet the needs of neighboring populations, while also remaining sensitive to the environment. We work closely with local governments and jurisdictional agencies when seeking solutions that will result in the highest and best use of the property.


Land Acquisition & Entitlement

Princeton Communities has over two decades of successful experiences working with land purchases, securing entitlements, and creating developments for both residential and commercial projects. We analyze market needs and locate land that is conducive to residential and commercial expansion, and also positioned to benefit the local community.


Development & Project Management

The key fundamental service offered by Princeton Communities is overall project management of the land development process including construction management. We perform these services for our own account, as well as for landowners, investors, and municipalities interested in their region’s economic development.

As the overall general project manager, we facilitate plans, contract experienced subcontractors to perform the development work, oversee construction, monitor progress, and provide financial management and reporting. We have extensive experience installing development infrastructures such as road construction, wastewater disposal systems, and community amenities, as well as providing interim management of the property owner association.

Through all stages of each process, we strive to ensure that projects are completed on-time and within budget. Our project management and land development teams are poised to provide services and support during every part of the development process, particularly for those who are unfamiliar with locations where we may already have a presence.


Financial Stability

Princeton Communities is privately held and all of our projects are privately owned. Through our many combined years of hard work and dedication for creating successful developments, we have proudly earned our reputation as a credible developer and partner. We are proud of our demonstrated ability over the past two decades to survive, prosper, and grow during even the most dire financial and market conditions experienced during this period.


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